Mighty Slots Casino is a casino that specializes on video slots.

Mighty Slots Casino Rating and Recommendation

In any company, it is usually beneficial to present an environment of power or confidence to your customers or customers’ customers. Consumers are more inclined to place their faith in a business or brand if it seems to be powerful — regardless of whether or not the company or brand in question truly merits it.

As a result, we have Mighty Slots, an online casino that is a member of the Curgam Group of companies. The name implies a world-class slot machine experience, and at first appearance, you may even imagine that this is the case, due to a robust software package that contains a large number of different slot machine titles. However, a deeper inspection indicates that things may not be quite as they seem on the surface. There have been several complaints filed against the site over the years, and with many of the site’s linked sites having equally tarnished reputations, it is clear why so many players are leery about playing here as well.

Game Selection is in the hands of RTG.

Mighty Slots is one of numerous grey market casinos that make use of software from Realtime Gaming, which is more often referred to as RTG by many users. One of the largest producers of gaming software in the world, this company is especially successful in the United States market, where many other prominent creators would not distribute their games due to licensing agreements.

It is for a variety of reasons why this platform has become so successful, and it all begins with their large selection of slot machines. RTG has been recognized for its Real Series games for more than a decade. The Real Series is a collection of machines that are all based on the same foundation, but which can be changed to a considerable degree in order to modify the gameplay style and the theming of each title, depending on the developer.

By today’s standards, there isn’t a great deal of excitement to be found in these video games. Although the aesthetics are out of date, there are few unique features, and when they do provide jackpots, they are often tiny and restricted to a certain site or region. However, they continue to provide a very strong foundation for the core of a decent iGaming site, and you may find yourself returning to these games in the future as a kind of benchmark for what constitutes a successful online slots game.

There’s a catch to these huge bonuses.

One of the most appealing components of Mighty Slots is their aggressive promotional program, which is one of their most appealing features. For a limited time, new players may take advantage of a three-part sign-up bonus package that gives over $1,700 in incentives on deposits of less than $100.

It all starts with a first deposit bonus, which allows players to get up to $980 for making a single $20 deposit into their account. Players may participate in a second offer by depositing $25 and receiving $425 in return. Finally, if you deposit $30 into your account, you will be eligible for a $270 third deposit bonus. Each of these three incentives is accompanied by a unique bonus code.

Some of you may be thinking that these deals are too good to be true, and although they are legitimate, there are some important terms and restrictions associated to them. First and foremost, only slot machine play is permitted while clearing these bonuses. For the second time, you’ll have to meet a significant play through requirement in order to clear each promotion: these range from a relatively reasonable 30x requirement on the third promotion to an incredible 120x requirement on your total first deposit and bonus, which is difficult to meet when you consider the size of the award given to players.

These promos also have a stipulation that we really despise: a withdrawal limit on the amount that may be withdrawn. In this particular instance, the limit is set at $200. While these restrictions only apply to a small number of players who manage to win large, it is nonetheless a source of regret to see such restrictions in place, as they may put a serious damper on an otherwise rewarding gaming experience.

Deposits and withdrawals are accepted.

The financing choices on this site are fairly limited, and the situation is significantly worse if you’re playing from inside the United States of America. When it comes to depositing money into your account, gamers have a choice of just three options available. Users of credit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logos are permitted to participate; overseas players may also make use of Neteller and Click2Pay, both of which are prohibited in the United States (though players in the US with Click2Pay accounts from before 2007 might still be able to process payments this way).

Players in the United States will most likely get their money by check, which is a frustratingly sluggish method of receiving their winnings in this country. The e-wallets described above are also available to overseas players, so they may receive their winnings in the same manner as before (Click2Pay and Neteller). There’s also a wire transfer option indicated on the site, however it’s important to remember that this technique is not presently accessible to participants.

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