Slot Overview, Maya U Max

Gong Gaming Technologies was founded in 2020 and has offices in Bulgaria and Malta. They have collaborated with Microgaming to launch a dozen slot machines. The studio has experimented with a wide variety of themes, from buffalo and Norse mythology to the Mexican Day of the Dead. Normal fare, really. Gong, however, isn’t willing to merely rest on the achievements of others. For instance, in Maya U Max, more symbols are crammed into reels in order to increase the number of possible winning combinations. You’ve got the makings of something unique when you add in free spins that may be retriggered and a high maximum payout.

Since the game’s 5-reel, 3-row grid takes up nearly the full screen, there’s a little lull in excitement as it loads. While the middle three reels have clusters of miniature symbols stacked above them, the number of win ways is displayed in a little area at the top, starting at 243. More on why U Max symbols appear on the grid where mini symbols now reside will be provided in a moment. The flaming cave background is more visually appealing on mobile devices when seen in portrait position, but the symbols are much smaller. The name gives away the game’s theme, so players will enjoy some light Mayan elements, but Gong hasn’t gone beyond. Getting symbols to engage with the U Max function is the main goal.

Maya U Max consistently produces decent numbers with no obvious strengths or weaknesses. The mathematical model has a medium-high level of volatility and produces an RTP of 95.69 percent. With a success percentage of 29.14%, winning occurs almost one-third of the time. U Max may be played on any device, with bets ranging from 20 p/c to £/€100 each spin.

Maya U Max’s graphical icons are colorful and straightforward. In the bottom part of the paytable, royals from 9 to A are a bit more approachable because to their Maya-inspired coloring. For a full line of five, you may expect a payoff of 1.25 times to 2 times your initial wager. Five of a kind premium combinations of purple, blue, green, red, and yellow gems are worth 3-10 times the wager. To round off this group, there is a ‘Wild’ tile that may substitute for any sign other than the U Max or scatter symbol and is explicitly labeled as such.

Slot Machine Features in Maya u Max

The U Max bonus round and feature are the main attractions here. Only reels 2–4 in the base game can benefit from this feature. If a U Max tile appears on reels two, three, or four, it will be joined by the four mini symbols floating above the grid. Any combination of three U Max symbols on a single reel triggers an additional 12 pay symbols or wilds. The maximum number of possible winning outcomes in the original game is 15,552, which may be achieved by arranging the grid in a 3-12-12-12-3 configuration.

The golden mask scatter symbol is another bonus feature on Maya’s reels. Free games are triggered by landing 5 scatter symbols on the reels. After the first five, any more Free Spins symbols that appear trigger an additional Free Spin, up to a maximum of 36.

All five reels are now fair game for U Max symbols during free games, not just the central three. If the grid is stressed to its limit of 12-12-12-12-12, 248,832 ways become active. However, this will not happen often, as it indicates that 15 U Max symbols have appeared throughout the spin. Landing free spins symbols awards +1 additional free spin – without limit – helping you draw out the bonus round.

Slot Result for Maya u Max

Gong hasn’t taken advantage of Maya U Max to do any extensive world-building or theme-exploring. A lack of visual variety isn’t necessary a deal breaker if the gameplay keeps you engaged enough to forget about it. Maya U Max, to its credit, does a respectable job in this regard. The new U Max feature adds some adrenaline-pumping moments whenever a sufficient number of adjacent matching symbols are jammed into view to trigger a substantial prize.

Since that’s pretty much it in Maya U Max, it might get boring after a while if you aren’t entirely hooked on the premise. At first glance, Maya U Max may seem like a watered-down version of Big Time Gaming’s Megaclusters system, but it’s distinct enough to have its own title. When a winning combination is made, all symbols shimmy, giving the impression of many more wins than there actually are. First world issues, perhaps, but the prevalence of symbols makes this issue stand out even more.

Having a respectable maximum win statistic to back up the whole shebang is comforting when there are so many ways to win. No one will complain about payments of up to 20,000 times the wager because a smaller quantity would have devalued the feature’s massive number of win methods. With that kind of rating, Maya U Max (and by extension, Gong) is guaranteed to get more broadcast time.

Will Maya U Max end up becoming Gong’s game-changer? Probably not, although there are a few bright spots in the game, and you can’t criticize a newcomer too harshly if they’re attempting something new. Maya lacks the polish that some players want in a slot machine, but it has much to offer those looking for a fresh take on the dynamic reels trope.

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